Must see

• Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood , a dramatic comedy by Quentin Tarantino, 2: 41 am

Rick Dalton (Leonardo Dicaprio), actor disenchanted wanders the lining on the cascade Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) in the hollywood of 1969. A time that he no longer recognizes with the shadow of Charles Manson, who hovers in the air. Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood is an elegy, a love letter, a desperate song. The film glides like a fish happy in this time when the channels were black and white, where the bartenders served cocktails with names that are impossible, where the cars had bumpers sparkling. The film is one long regret of two and a half hours, a disenchantment bathed hemoglobin. It is above all, as the title suggests, a fairy tale.

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To see

• The Untouchable, Harvey Weinstein , documentary by Ursula Macfarlane, 1h39

The documentary by Ursula Macfarlane briefly recounts the ascent of the little guy from Brooklyn become the tycoon of Hollywood. By creating Miramax, Harvey Weinstein and his brother Bob are a name. Cinema Paradiso, Sex, lies and videotape and My Left Foot, they transform low-budget films into international hits. Former employees of Harvey, many to witness in the film, him recognize a vista that is undeniable. An employee sums up the denial that has kept the producer out of reach for years: “We said: “She has slept for the role”, and not:”He slept with her.”” This immunity will eventually crack. Losing some of its power, Weinstein sees its impunity fade. Until the revelations of the New York Times and New Yorker, hastening the end of his reign. The documentary chronicles the rise and decline of the producer the most influential Hollywood.

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• The Gangster, the Cop and the Assassin , a thriller-action Lee Won-Tae, 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Presented out of competition at Cannes, this thriller bloody puts the spotlight on a man hunt way hen-fox-viper around three anti-heroes of the polar Korean: the mafia, the bloodhound obsessed as a dog crazy for his mission, and the serial killer indolent. Archetypes cross in A Bittersweet Life, Memories of Murder or I met the devil. The lovers of the genre will not be disappointed. The quota of murders with knives, fight scenes epic, and chases is widely respected. The revenge, a theme so dear to Korean cinema, of course, is to the party. The filmmaker broke the codes of the police officer with a décomplexion welcome. Level charisma, Ma Dong-seok (the Last train to Busan), the corpulent gangster, wins the bout by K. O. At the side of the mastard, the police officer (Kim Moo-yul) and the killer (Kim Sung-kyu) is a weight feathers in this battle of power moves.

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• I promise to be wise , comedy, drama, Ronan Le Page, 1h32

Franck (Pio Marmaï) has many ideas for the staging of theatre, but has failures. He decides to quit the business and change environment. He was recruited as a guard in a museum of fine arts of the province. Much to the chagrin of his family. And in the eyes of Sybil (Lea Drucker), a colleague in the character of fancy and sheer, the contact of which his life changes dramatically. He is used to taking things in hand, to direct and order but chose to return in the pussy “on his little chair with his little uniform”. She refuses the authority, do that which pleases him, and intends to continue. Their association makes sparks. Ronan Le Page will sign a first long-footage original, entertaining and tinged with poetry because it takes place in an unusual place. The director has inspired a film project aborted for trouser a story in the seemingly commonplace. And the toggles in the burlesque.

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• Magical Nights, comedy, drama, Paolo Virzi, 2: 05

Investigating the death of a producer, the police questioned three young writers dreaming of a place in the great Italian cinema dying: the producers ruined, filmmakers décatis, starlets television, crooks and parasites: a fantasy satire in the picturesque twilight. Pretty rough, sometimes vulgar, but with the scenes of success, and a original tone, at once wry and biting.

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To avoid

• Partridge , a comedy of Erwan Le Duc, 1h39

Funny province. Nudists are flying cars on the areas highway. The victim files a complaint. The gendarme falls in love with her. He lives with his mother, who hosts a show of confessions (Fanny Ardant, we would listen to the voice eyes closed). This first film is quirky, wacky, almost exhausting. The Duke has the talent: he knows a little too much. As a bonus, this exchange: “You’ve already been in love? No, rather die a wretched death!”.

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