One of Observatorul Khabarovsk there was a mass infection COVID-19

Mass infection of coronavirus identified in one of Observatorul of Khabarovsk, which is instructed to check the Vice-Premier — presidential envoy to FEFD Yuri Trutnev after complaining about the conditions of stay. This was reported by the press service of the Embassy. The report stated that among employees of SSK, OOO Getregion”, arrived from other regions of the Russian Federation, during their period of observation was 15 cases COVID-19, confirmed by laboratory methods. Cases hospitalized in KGBUZ “City clinical hospital № 10. In addition, another 28 people have suspected a coronavirus. The rest of the Observatory people additionally taken the tests for the coronavirus. It is noted that the mass infection has occurred from-for violations of requirements of sanitary-epidemiological norms.So, SKK, OOO getregion the” illegally posted on visual observation 92 people, including 77 employees arrived from other regions of Russia and 15 people staff. At the specified address was 47 shift workers, many of whom showed signs of SARS, said the press service. Now in the Observatory have a quarantine, and the company issued a notice on further disinfection. After the inspection, the Prosecutor’s office issued the enterprise representation about elimination of violations, the audit materials sent to the investigating authorities.

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