Onishchenko called for

to Remove coronavirus restrictions in Moscow need “more decisively”. This was stated by former chief sanitary doctor of Russia, the Deputy of the state Duma Gennady Onishchenko live on NSN.

“I Think that Moscow needs to more strongly emerge from these measures. With satisfaction I see that the conditions for this”, — said Onishchenko added that the indecisiveness in the matter of lifting the quarantine measures could be detrimental to the culture. According to him, “it is necessary to crack” and “getting people to work professionally and make decisions”.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said the desire to withdraw from the regime of restrictions “as soon as possible”. The capital’s mayor Sergei Sobyanin on the eve also noted that in the coming days it will be possible to take “drastic solutions” to ease limitations. A timetable for the withdrawal of quarantine measures will appear on June 8, and most of the restrictions in Moscow will cease to operate until the beginning of July.

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