This parking hack was discussed on social media by users.

No one likes a tight-roped parking job.

TikTok’s video went viral, suggesting a new way for drivers to use parking spaces. Although the new system would allow everyone to move freely, some people argued that it would not solve the problem of drivers not paying attention to how close their cars are to others.

BigBruva, a TikTok user, posted footage from a parking lot onto his account. The caption was “How to properly park your car in a space.” He shows how to park your car in a parking lot by pointing out that the right line is better than the middle.

This ensures that each car is equally spaced and allows for easy access to both the inside and outside. The footage is captioned with “We’ve always been doing it wrong.”

The footage doesn’t show any license plates and the narration states that it was filmed on a lot where GM trucks can be picked up. This suggests that all the vehicles were parked together by one person or a team.

It has been viewed more than 4.3 million times since it was posted.

Although many people agreed that this would work, some were skeptical. One user commented, “It only works when everyone does this, but that would never happen.”

Another user said, “It’s exactly the same as everyone parking at the center.”

BigBruva admitted in a follow up video that the idea would not work as people would make mistakes. However, he did claim that it was different from parking in the middle. He claimed that people must guess the spacing for parking in the middle, while in his version drivers would know if they parked on the line.