The world is getting advanced in every sense. Whether you talk about products, services, ways of working, procedures or anything; new tools are getting introduced for better experiences. Talking about corporate world, it is not easy for the organizations to recruit the right candidates. They have to be really considerate about whom they choose and why. After all, the recruiters are accountable for all the recruitments they do. They have to be sure that the candidates they pick or short list is really good.

You know to ensure that the recruitment programs go well; more and more organizations are investing in recruitment software. An online recruitment management software or system is also known as an applicant tracking system. It is online software that has various processes that have been specifically designed in a way so that recruitment can be managed from a central point. These systems facilitate all processes of recruitment beginning from job posting to on boarding of the applicants. Of course the features of the online recruitment management software for corporate can differ software to software.

Why should you use recruitment management system?

It is getting difficult for the companies to recruit highly qualified staff to carry on the procedure of recruitment in the most efficient, effective and competent way. Similarly, crucial timings to carry out strategic work in human resource is missed in searching resume of the possible employee for the company. Therefore, most of the organizations are willing to pay for recruitment management software so as to get a winning edge over its contestants.

Secondly, it helps to swiftly find the proper employee for any vacancy. Moreover, having the recruitment management system is helpful for the manager to track the work performed by the recruiter and other staffs of the talent acquisition team, even if they are working at far spots or locations. Such software is also used for Recruitment tracking.  Once you have the recruitment management system in place, it helps the head HR and CEO with a chance to supervise everything.

What are the features you should look for in an online recruitment system?

You know what the features that you should look for do have to do a lot with your needs. But again, there are some general features that everyone should expect from their recruitment system. A few of the features online recruitment system are like:

  • It should have a user-friendly interface and the recruitment solutions catered by it should be formed so that even for the first time user, it has a proper and smooth experience. What is the point if the software is hard to use?
  • It should have the facility to screen and search resumes basis different types of parameters based on qualification details, experience, knowledge, skills etc.
  • It would be able to accept tailored hiring strategies for the overall recruitment process.
  • The recruitment process software should definitely have the facility to screen through the resumes that are different in format.
  • It should be in a position to check if there is any duplication and should be able to identify thefts there is if any.
  • Any communication has to float from the central point to the various users; the strategy has to be such.
  • The system must have information about all job vacancies so that there is a proper match of candidate’s skills with the pertinent career option.
  • Recruitment process software has to possess the facility to make a portfolio of individual candidates and also proper uploading of resumes.
  • Brilliant screening of resumes to fetch out the finest report containing relevant candidate information.
  • The significant information has to be shared collectively for the internal staff to make better examination and strategy.
  • It should have a robust query management system to give quick reply to the query raised by any applicant.
  • It must have the option of bulk upload an employee referral.
  • It should be in a position to broadcast the job opening.
  • Internal hiring team has to be able to get a different type of reports in different formats so that they can do better decision making.
  • This “Online application recruitment system or software” must have integration with other software for better optimization.
  • It must have visual representation strategy.
  • It should also have better security recruiting solution.
  • There has to be application tracking system as it is the most time saver feature. The recruitment stage of every candidate is known by the human resource team.
  • Interview scheduling is a significant aspect. The application tracking system conveniently harmonizes with the calendar of human resource team and evades duplicity of time schedule if any.
  • It is true that social media plays an important role in the human resource recruitment process. Companies can make use of social media as a platform to advertise and to perform initial screening of candidates with the basic information available on the social media platforms.

There has to be automation

The recruitment management system needs to have some processes automated to make it a proper and smooth journey for the recruiter and other staff members of the acquisition team.  There can be many procedures that can be automated and a few of them are like:

Maintenance of data

For any given opening in a business, the recruitment team receives a bulk of resumes and these resumes make a folder for them for the future. The recruitment management software separates resumes according to skills, qualification; experience etc. thus makes it convenient for the recruiter to get the summary by stating the segregation parameters.


It is also the area wherein automation could be of greatest help, as for any opening a recruiter obtains the bulk of resumes and it is not really possible humanly to go through all resumes and remember all the content that they have. Online recruitment system or software makes the procedure easier by scanning resumes separating them basis different parameters and takes out the best ones.


Thus, it is important that you start u sing online recruitment software. These systems can be of utmost help for human resource department.