Only 3% of Russians believe that in Russia it is easy to protect your rights

More than a third — 34% — of respondents “Levada-the centre” Russians believe that to defend their rights in Russia is practically impossible. The opinion that it was “difficult but possible” was expressed by 59% of respondents. That their rights in Russia to defend quite easily, said only 3%.

With 30% of respondents said that in the past five years, faced with the violation. Often talking about it to the poor and unemployed citizens, and people from Moscow, people with higher education, entrepreneurs and managers — i.e. people aktivnye, tend to regard their problems as violation of the rights.

To protect their rights, the Russians often turn to the police and to the lawyers (30% and 29%), 17% go to court. Politicians and human rights defenders are treated respectively only 8% and 9%.

Working ways to protect the rights of respondents believe appeals to lawyers, human rights defenders and to the court. Fully or partially solve the problem with the violation of the rights managed, respectively, 73%, 63% and 60% applied in these instances.

Sami clashes with the arbitrariness and violation of rights (and the qualifications of these phenomena as such) often leaves an indelible imprint on the Outlook of people. Among people with such experience much more of those who believe that the country is moving in the wrong direction, who does not approve of the actions of the President and the government. The problem also is that optimism is not always returned to these people, even if they later manage to defend their rights (usually only part of those who managed to solve the problem completely).

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