Woody Allen has not said its last word. Swept away by the wave #MeToo, the american film director, 83-year-old, head out of the water. Last may, the eve of the Cannes film Festival, revealing that his latest film, A rainy day in New York city , would be released in France on 18 September, as well as in other european countries. And on June 4, The Mediapro Studio, a production company in Spanish, announced that the filming next summer in San Sebastian in the new film from the director of Manhattan. A romantic comedy in the international cast, but without american stars: Elena Anaya, Louis Garrel, Sergi Lopez, Wally Shawn, and Christoph Waltz. The two pieces of information confirming a situation that had been established since the end of the year 2017: Woody Allen became a pariah in the United States and found a plank of salvation in Europe.

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