How to set a scene the house Of the dead ? Or rather how to stage the House Of the dead after Patrice Chéreau? It is as well: Chéreau has reached such a degree of fulfillment in the masterpieces of the Czech composer Leos Janacek that we might be obliged for a long time to measure her against any director who confronts this opera. After having been presented at Covent Garden in London and la Monnaie in Brussels, the reading of Krzysztof Warlikowski moved to the Lyon Opera house, which confirms its place among the major european houses.

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Warlikowski had the great intelligence to seek to confront no reference. He speaks a language of its own and brings a very contemporary prison life, which could be of any country: the projection, during the opening, an interview with the philosopher Michel Foucault, we place it immediately on a universal level and …

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