We compare sometimes the life of an opera singer to that of a top-level athlete. At 35 years of age, the soprano Lisette Oropesa is the living proof that this merger is anything but pure dialectics. The young woman, who triumphs now as Adina in “The Elixir of love” by Donizetti, is an artist, marathoner. The clean… both literally and figuratively. “In normal times, I run four to five times per week, she says, the most natural thing in the world. Except this time: I’ve hurt my leg after falling on stage the other day. Balance sheet? Three weeks without running. Torture!”

“The Opera house of Paris has sent me the score of the Huguenots. Every day, I locked myself in the conservatory of Pesaro for work on the piano. The role is not too long, but it is difficult”

Lisette Oropesa

The singer has started the sport at the age of 21. Originally to combat a problem of overweight. Since then, she has ran six marathons. And rose… 95 to 56 kilos! “The most important thing in opera is the voice, concedes it. I hope that the latter will always win over the physical. To the extent, maintain its shape and to take care of his diet is capital to a young singer. Not …

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