Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has demanded from the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky confirm brought him earlier apology for the video in the program “ЧистоNews” in which the head of the Republic’s crying.

In his Telegram-channel Kadyrov issued a statement in which he accused Zelensky in an attempt to “play up”, “to wag”. “You will have to firmly define their position and confirm their apology. If not, then You will have to answer to me,” he threatened Kadyrov, adding that Zelensky “unfair”.

Why is he remembered the conflict two years ago, he said.

Kadyrov was referring to the video, used by the Studio “Kvartal 95”, which got frames with a crying head of Chechnya. Zelensky apologized. In an interview with Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon in 2018, he explained that he did not apologize for their actions or jokes. “I said if we have offended anyone from the Muslim world and at the level of religion — because religion is a sensitive topic, a very fine line — it’s ugly, just not good,” said Zelensky.

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