The next weekend, this is the most mysterious and the most fascinating instruments that we are celebrating: the orchestra. The image of the event All at the Opera house for the lyric art, the Association française des orchestres (AFO), under the leadership of its director, Philippe Fanjas, was created ten years ago Orchestras at the festival, so for the good thirty conventional training, permanent French to open their doors and to make the public discover the world of symphonic music, still intimidating to many.

The godmother of the edition 2018, the singer of varieties, Sandra Nkaké, admits to herself that she was afraid of classical music before a music teacher do to him to discover the thrill that one feels : “I really have a very carnal with the music.” However, what could be more carnal than the vague sound of a hundred musicians that is sweeping over you, when, in spite of this beautiful solo oboe or the beautiful sound of violins, you will not separate the parts of the …

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