the Murder of Russians in the Austrian Gerasdorf is probably “custom” character. Man deprived of life, shot in the head, said investigators from Austria, Österreich reports.

the Victim, presumably named Mamichan Umarov, it is also known as Anzor from Vienna. The man allegedly “criticized” the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, writes with reference to the representative of one of the Chechen Diaspora in Europe. The media adds that he Umarov told about himself in interviews as a former mercenary force in Chechnya.

Recall that on 4 July it became known that in the city of Gerasdorf in Austria, was killed by an asylum seeker from Russia. The suspect was arrested in Linz. Law enforcement agencies of Austria was suspected of involvement in the murder of Russians from Chechnya.

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