Orel Prosecutor's office will check the statements of the chief freelance infectiologist about a possible increase in cases COVID-19 after the vote on the Constitution

Chief freelance infectious disease Orel region and head of regional Hepatology center, Botkin hospital Victoria Adonieva in an interview with local newspaper “the Oryol news” said that after the vote on the amendments to the Constitution the number of people infected with coronavirus will grow. “But putting us nowhere. I was left with 20 beds, and today I’m going to close the hospital. Semashko has already been closed, the clinic also. Let’s vote who wants to, but in the city more beds there,” she said. According to her, a day in the clinic recently got 30-35 people. “And are issued at five to seven while and not every day,” she added. Adonieva also noted that the hospital gets a lot of elderly people. She also has noticed that in Russia there is a problem, given the morbidity and mortality caused by coronavirus. Meanwhile the statements of Adonieva attracted the attention of the regional Prosecutor’s office. In a press-service of the Supervisory authority noted that organized check on the arguments of an interview with a regional publication with the main non-staff infektsionist Orel region. “The Prosecutor’s office with involvement of specialists of Supervisory bodies will be checked for compliance with the law in the organization of medical care in health institutions of the region”, — stated in the message. The Prosecutor added that the detection of violations will be taken prosecutorial response. The vote on the constitutional amendments scheduled for 1 July. In the amendment there is a clause about “zeroing”, which theoretically allows President Vladimir Putin to remain in power after 2024, another 12 years. Meanwhile, the Network had placed several petitions relative to the transfer of voting on amendments to the Constitution in connection with the epidemiological situation.

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