It is “the kind of loser that does that to win.” The evidence, Orelsan, a “past 2018 in hover”. His secret is discipline. It is in any case what is claimed by the rapper in her video clip, eponymous, released on YouTube Monday afternoon. After Defeat of the family , shot like a video Snapchat, the Caennais imagine a new time, a vertical clip to the smartphone in which parade publications Instagram and Twitter.

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The singer, 36-year-old wanders from publication to publication, dressed as a samurai, in jogging or in a trench red. It throws “likes” in a basket, rap on émojis, is buffeted by ads of a pornographic nature and landed punches to… tweets. The lesson of discipline, like a sermon anti-digital. “Kids, finish playing, I come to confiscate the Play”, chante-t-il before you castigate the over-consumption of porn and to take ‘these tweeters of shit” who were “too arrogant”. As one learns it via SMS at the end of the video, the achievement is signed by the duo of Adrien Lagier and Ousmane Ly, already at the helm of the video Dreams .

● Making of the clip’s bizarre Dreams

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The title Discipline is extracted from the Epilogue of Orelsan, addendum to his album The party’s over . The disc has won three awards at the Victoires de la musique last year. For editing 2019, the rapper is once again nominated in three categories (Victory concert, best original song and best audiovisual creation). The ceremony will take place on Friday 8 February and will be broadcast on France 2.