The party’s over … or not. Orelsan is back in action in the clip Dreams , released Wednesday on YouTube. After the Defeat of the family , the interpreter French has hallucinations. The return of evening bus does not go as planned for him. “Star in the eye, shinobi, I am trying to replace Johnny, lance-t-il. Tonight, I am pathetic, why I’m so bad (…) I’ve done some bizarre dreams, but things that are not explain.”

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Orelsan in his new video “Dreams” YouTube Orelsan

In the video straight out of the 1980s, performed by Adrien Lagier and Ousmane Ly, the special effects are good. Orelsan is located in the center of a city, suddenly surrounded by a gang of children walking ferrets, another of women dressed in outfits from patterns and flashy colors. Nothing wrong with with his group of friends, he faced a fighter armed, with a nod at the news.

The clip darkens in the second part with the arrival of Damso, the rapper belgian, whose new album Lithopédion is already platinum. “It is a mise en abyme, of my sins dead but without death, always in a hurry of gold in a waste of body”, chante-t-il in a shed, dark with bluish reflections. Damso eventually landed in the same city as his colleague. “Disappointed by my loved ones, disappointed by my parents, disappointed by my friends, disappointed by my idols”, performer does it with a literal knife in the back. May be a reference to Booba, his former mentor, who has turned back against him.

Damso in the new clip of Orelsan, “bizarre Dreams”. YouTube Orelsan

Engaged, as usual, Damso also refers to slavery and racism. He appears standing, dressed like a prince in a car drawn by white. It then goes to the other side of the mirror and reappears in front of the machine, blackface, white, whipped by his hangman. “Racism since Jesus is white, yet the hair woolly feet of bronze”, asserts there.

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Dreams is the first title extract of the new album of Orelsan, The feast is finished-Epilogue , the output of which is scheduled for Thursday at midnight. If the eleven songs are as catchy as this song, a duet with Damso, he could beat the record of his self-titled album, which sold in 2017 to more than 500,000 copies.

fans will also be able to be on stage for a tour across France on 17 November in Lyon on 5 and 6 December at the AccorHotels Arena of Paris.