Orthodox Christians celebrate the eve of Ivan Kupala: how to behave this day

on Monday, July 6, the Orthodox worship of the Martyr Agrippina, which is popularly called Agrafena Kupalnitsa. This day also gives rise to Ivanovski nights — tomorrow is the holiday of Ivan Kupala.

As you know, the Saint Agrippina refused to marry and devoted himself to the Lord. She died during a persecution against Christians, when the woman was subjected to torture and cruel tortures. Of St. many acts of healing.

on the eve of Kupala in Russia, the Orthodox looked on her, opening the swimming season. In the evening of that day bonfires, burning nettle and rose hips that was supposed to be able to protect against troubles and misfortunes.

be Sure this day should go to the baths to seek good health — it was believed that on this day water obladaet life-giving properties.

Veruschie prayed this day of St. Agrippina on health and recovery.

it was Customary to rejoice, to sing, to party with the guests on this day. Hard work, sadness and melancholy were banned.

it was also Believed that on the night of Ivan Kupala is not necessary to make night trips, it is better to stay home and Saget candle — ancestors believed that the living fire ogorodit from evil.

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