Orthodox feast: what you need to do in the day Lukyan Windmill and what not

July 16 the Orthodox worship of the Holy Lucillian, whom the people called Lucian a Windmill.

According to national signs, if today is blowing North-West wind, that’s to wet weather, East to infections, northeast to the protracted rains.

on this day, traditionally, you need to collect medicinal plants, and urban residents to join, you can offer to drink a Cup of herbal tea.

believed to work in the field on the day Lukyan Windmill is impossible, because no good such work will bring. Also on this day, no one went to bed early — it was thought that it is so possible to miss something important in your life.

on 16 June, the name day is celebrated by Lucian, Michael, Julian, Dimitri, Denis, Paul, and Athanasius.

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