The japanese city of Osaka was selected Friday to host the universal Exhibition in 2025, ahead of Russia and Azerbaijan, after two rounds of elections, said the organizers. With 92 votes, the city gdp came in ahead of her rival Russian Ekaterinburg which has gathered 61 votes. The capital of azerbaijan, Baku had been eliminated in the first round of the vote held by secret ballot to choose a successor to Dubai, the organiser of the Exhibition 2020.

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“The project of world expo 2025 in Osaka, based on the co-creation of a future society to respond to global challenges, addressing the concerns of the international community”, said the secretary-general of the international exhibitions Bureau, Vicente G. Loscertales, in a press release.

The theme of the Osaka bid, which had already hosted the event in 1970, was “to Conceive the society of the future, imagine our life of tomorrow”. The first universal Exhibition was born in 1851 in London. Since, it is held on average every five years.

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The various universal expositions have often marked the spirits, particularly by the construction of daring monuments, like the Eiffel tower, built for the exhibition of 1889, celebrating the centenary of the French Revolution. The universal Exhibition in Osaka will be held from may 3 to November 3, 2025.