It was last march. Steven Spielberg announced it was starting a crusade against Netflix in order to remove the giant of the streaming of the Oscar race. The reason for this? The filmmaker believes that their projects are more of the order of the telefilm that of the seventh art, “convinced that there is a difference between streaming and broadcasting on film,” said a spokesperson for Amblin, production company of the director. “Irony when you hold us”, the saga of Jurassic Park is built-in to the catalog Netflix since the 1st of march…

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last Tuesday, on the occasion of the annual meeting of the academy of the Oscars, the members of the board, where Steven Spielberg represents the whole of his profession, voted to maintain the status quo, whereas any feature film can claim a Prize from the Academy. The condition? From the moment a film is released for “at least a week, three times per day, in the theatres of Los Angeles”, can we read in a press release relayed by Variety . This rule applies as well for Netflix than for competing platforms such as Amazon Prime and soon to be Apple TV+, with which the director of Ready Player One is invested.

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“We consider the experiences in a movie theater as essential to this art form, and this has had its importance in the course of our discussions,” says John Bailey, the president of the Academy of the Oscars. Our rules already an exit in the room and also allow a wide selection of films for the Oscars.” The director of photography has also added that the council “would examine more in depth the changes that the industry [film, ed.] is facing.”

This year, the new film from Alfonso Cuarón, Roma , has won three statuettes, including best director. His film financed by Netflix, which was shot entirely in black and white, and in Spanish, has fulfilled its duty to broadcast in The city of Angels.

There is no guru who wants to, not even Steven Spielberg. The filmmaker may, however, recover from this defeat at the Cannes film Festival on 14 may next. There, Netflix still hasn’t found his place.