The us president, Donald Trump responded Monday morning to director Spike Lee who had called the day before, during the ceremony of the Oscars, “the choice of love against hate” in the presidential election of 2020. “It would be nice if Spike Lee could read his notes, or, better yet, don’t have to use notes at all, when it deals with racist your president, who has done more for African-Americans (…) than almost any president!”, wrote to Donald Trump in a tweet early in the morning.

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Long ignored by Hollywood, Spike Lee has been rewarded Sunday night with an oscar for best adaptation of BlacKkKlansman , which tells the story of a black policeman who has infiltrated a cell of the Ku Klux Klan in the late 1970s. The american film director, mad with joy at the announcement of his award, spoke of in his speech to mark the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first contingent of black slaves in the United States, in 1619, the “genocide” of the Indians of America, as well as the next presidential election.

“let us Mobilize, let us be on the good side of the Story. Make the choice to love against the hate. Make the right choice!”

Spike Lee at the Oscars

“let us Mobilize, let us be on the good side of the Story,” urged the one who has manifested on several occasions his hostility vis-à-vis Donald Trump. “Make the choice for love as against hate. Make the right choice!” The 91st academy awards were celebrated Sunday diversity, recognizing artists from different minorities of american society.

Green Book , the true story of a pianist, black on tour in the segregated South of the United States, has won the Oscar for best film, while best foreign language film is returned to Roma , the Mexican Alfonso Cuarón, who was also awarded the prize for best director and photography.

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“This award belongs to Mexico. It is a mexican film, on all levels, a-t-launched it. There is much talk of diversity. Progress has been made, but the Latino-Americans in the United States, Chicanos are really, really very poorly represented.” Just before him, the Spanish actor Javier Bardem had blasted the wall that president Donald Trump wants to build along the border with Mexico: “there are no borders or walls that may hinder the talent”.

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