The media, the egyptians, and the people have celebrated Rami Malek as a “pharaoh of Hollywood” after his victory at the Oscars. Amazing Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody , american actor of egyptian origin, was received triumphantly in the coveted statuette for best actor, at the ceremony 2019. “The rise on the throne of international cinema” or “Hunter of rewards,” ran the headline in the local newspapers. The coronation is a kind of dubbed final since Rami Malek had already won a Golden Globe in the United States and a BAFTA in the United Kingdom for its striking incarnation of the leader of the legendary group Queen.

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The press statement, an extract from the speech of the actor of 37 years, whose family is originally from middle Egypt. “I’m the son of egyptian immigrants,” he said Sunday in Hollywood. In a village in Minya, in central Egypt, the family of Rami Malek is said to have kept vigil until dawn to see the coronation of one of their own. “We called his mother to congratulate her and tell her to take her here, for it organizes a feast,” said his cousin, 24-year-Fadi Essam.

In a press release, the minister for Immigration and Egyptians abroad Nabila Makram welcomed the fact that Rami Malek has expressed “his pride of being of egyptian origin”. Social networks have also been drowned by the flood of hashtags with the name of the actor, in Arabic as in English. “It’s really beautiful as an Egyptian (…) gets the best actor Oscar,” said one admirer on Twitter. The others, however, did not include such fervor. “The media think it is great for anything”, said to AFP Hossam Ahmed, a shop owner of mobile phone in Cairo.

The scenes on the sexuality of Freddie Mercury cut in Egypt

The egyptian press, which almost never mentioned the economic crisis or human rights violations denounced by the NGOS, ensures a wide coverage to the exploits of stars the egyptian international Rami Malek, and especially the footballer Mohamed Salah. The film Bohemian Rhapsody , which traces the life of a gay icon, is rarely mentioned by the press in this conservative country where the scenes evoking the sexuality of Freddie Mercury have been cut. In 2017, the authorities had forbidden the media to show it to homosexuals or to promote their slogans”.

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“The authorities and the media personalities continue to engage in hate comments”, explained to AFP Neela Ghoshal, a researcher at Human Rights Watch. If homosexuality is not expressly prohibited in the country, the LGBT community is regularly targeted by security forces and several people were convicted, including for “incitement to debauchery”.

Bohemian Rhapsody , Bryan Singer, 2018, with rami Malek, Marc Martel, Ben Hardy…