First nomination, first win: Regina King, 48 years old, has won on Sunday evening an Oscar for best actress in a supporting role for his performance in If Beale Street could talk , in which she plays a mother defending the boyfriend of his daughter, accused of a rape he did not commit.

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This film by Barry Jenkins ( Moonlight ) is an adaptation of a novel by James Baldwin on a couple of young african-american, Tish and Fonny, whose lives are disrupted by police in racist and dishonest. Regina King has paid tribute to the novelist from the first words of his speech of thanks. “To be here, representing one of the greatest artists of our time, James Baldwin. It is a bit surreal”, she started. And he added: “I am an example of what your love and love of others. Thank you mom thou hast given so much. Thank you for having me said that god was always there”. In the press room, the lucky lady has hailed, “a film that evokes a number of issues and sections. It shows that love is the only force that pushes us to overcome the trauma. A tragedy can happen to all of us, regardless of our gender or origin.”

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Her incarnation of the mother of Tish, Sharon, also earned him a Golden Globe in January. But she had not been accepted by the trade union of actors, and the Caesar’s English, the Bafta. Barry Jenkins wanted Regina King as “she is able to play a mother who is not a wonder woman but who, when it needs to be, is”.

Barry Jenkins : “If Beale Street could talk” evokes the trauma of the mass incarceration – Watching on Figaro Live

Between television and cinema

Born in Los Angeles to a mother teacher and a father, electrician, Regina King studied at the university of Southern California. She started as a teenager, in 1985, with a role in the sitcom 227 . It will be there until the end of the series in 1990. The following year, she appears on the big screen in the film John Singleton’s boyz’n the Hood, the law of the street . She plays in two other movies from the same director, Poetic Justice and Fever in Columbus University , before finding the role that is going to make it known to the general public: that of the wife of Cuba Gooding Jr in Jerry Maguire , starring Tom Cruise.

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Even if her film career continues, particularly in Enemy of the State alongside Will Smith and Ray with Jamie Foxx, Regina King turns to the tv, so it is easier to raise her son, Ian. “My agents were telling me: you’re sure?”, told the actress in Los Angeles Times shortly before the Oscars. “I was. And it ended up being a blessing in all areas”.

After you have played the sister of the president in the acclaimed series 24 heures Chrono ), Regina King embodies, five seasons during a police of Los Angeles in Southland . The rewards begin to happen. Regina King wins three Emmy Awards in three years: two for his roles in the anthology American Crime , a series that explores the issues of race, discrimination and immigration; the third for the mini-series Netflix Seven Seconds , on racial tensions in New Jersey after a black teenager was seriously wounded by a white policeman. But Regina King is also a director, including episodes of popular series like This Is Us, the Good Doctor and Scandal .

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on the night of The Golden Globes, she has promised to try to advance equality between men and women in Hollywood. “Over the next two years […], I swear, and it’s going to be difficult, I can ensure that any work that I produce 50% of the women”, throwing it to the applause.