Triggered Monday, April 15, around 18: 30, the fire that damaged the church of Notre-Dame of Paris could not be controlled that, after nine hours of struggle by fire brigade of Paris, and off the next day shortly before ten o’clock in the morning. If the causes of this huge fire is still undetermined, the damage, according to initial findings, already consistent. The arrow of Viollet-le-Duc-high 96 yards, collapsed, as nearly all of the roof of the nave and transept of the famous cathedral 850 years.

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The reconstruction of large-scale, announced by Emmanuel Macron, pose already several problems of size. Interviewed in the morning at the microphone of France Inter, the minister of Culture, Franck Riester has expressed concerns about the very structure of the cathedral. He insisted on the risk of collapse is still present. He added that they should “remain cautious, but optimistic,” and estimated the duration of the work to several months, “perhaps even years”. The minister assured that France still had “the know-how extraordinary” that will help rebuild Our Lady of Paris “identical”. “Is this going to be the choice of the architect of the historic monuments, I don’t know yet,” said he shade. In the morning, several ministers have gathered around Édouard Philippe to prepare a “reconstruction plan” of Notre-Dame de Paris, which was ravaged by the flames.

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“The main concern is the safety and security bâtimentaire”, explained Laurent Nunez, State secretary to the minister of the Interior at a press briefing in the late morning, “vulnerabilities of the structure have been detected in particular at the level of the vault and gable of the north transept,” he explained, stating, “the safety work will last approximately 48 hours.”

The question of the exact status of the building is posed starkly. After having been concerned for long hours as the two towers catch fire, the forces of order have finally breathed a sigh of relief, in the evening, considering that the western façade was saved. “We can consider that the structure of Notre-Dame was saved and preserved in its entirety”, has indicated, however, general Jean-Claude Gallet, commander of the Brigade of firemen of Paris, around 23h. According to initial findings, the stone structure of the building has resisted. Only a part of the vault of the nave collapsed, between two cross-ribs, which allows to hope that the structure takes the hit.

concerns about the state of the shell and the scaffold.

On the other hand, it is unclear how large the implementation will react in time. Subjected to temperatures of intense shocks and collapses, flooded by the lances to fire, the elements that always seem to stand may be more vulnerable than we think. Joints of masonry are likely to be weakened. In addition, the whole of the vault of the nave, the choir and transept is now open to the sky, subject to the weather and without the possibility that a cover, even temporary, to be quickly installed. Certainly not before a comprehensive review of the structure is achieved.

The state of the scaffold of metal, which has resisted the flames, is now an object of concern. GONZALO FUENTES/REUTERS

another concern of size for the scaffold mounted to the restoration of the arrow. It has withstood the fire and is still in place, though damaged by the fall of the tower and the heat of the blaze. How the building weakened will he resist the presence of this structure, extremely heavy? The scaffolds themselves are not at risk of collapse, taking with them a part of the cathedral?

Before you even consider a restoration, in-depth analysis of the condition of the building, which can remain in place, which will inevitably need replacing should be carried out. And it’s going to take time.

“An irreparable loss”

to Rebuild the same? “It is almost impossible,” replies Benjamin Mouton, the former chief architect of Notre-Dame de Paris, invited by Europe 1. “The important thing is to redo the roof which will give the same silhouette, but this will never be the same framing, the judge does it. It is obvious that we will never return to a copy, as perfect as she is, of what was.” Nicknamed “the forest”, this frame is built in wood of oak was a huge remnant old-eight-centuries. Only the framing of the transept was rebuilt in the Nineteenth century.

“I hear yesterday that it will take a decade, this is a joke!, exclaimed Tuesday, the former minister of Culture, Jack Lang, in front of the cathedral. It is necessary to be given a short period of time, as it has done in the past for construction sites of exception.” According to him, the work should have a purpose “not [to] ten years, fifteen years, but three years”. “We need to act. The moment the emotion is there, but the time for action will come soon,” he insisted.

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