Until now, they were pretty close to agreement: in the aftermath of the fire of Notre-Dame de Paris, Emmanuel Macron, Édouard Philippe, and Anne Hidalgo contended, each for a reconstruction of the building, preferably fast. But while the president had announced the completion of construction “within five years” and that the prime minister of his side launched the idea of an international architecture contest, the mayor of Paris remained cautious on the details of this large project. Until today.

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“Our Lady is a work that belongs to all the citizens of paris, all the French, to the whole world. We need to respect it as such, ” explains Anne Hidalgo in the JDD . I am therefore in favour that it be restored to the same.” The mayor PS of Paris, a likely candidate to his succession next year, claims in the matter to be “conservative”. “I have a genuine passion for contemporary architecture and I think it has its place in Paris, explains the chosen one. On the question of Our Lady, I assume to be conservative.”

“We need to do a reconstruction involving an inventive step (…) an alliance of tradition and modernity, a daring and respectful”

Emmanuel Macron

These statements do not go unnoticed, 48 hours after the last of the president of the Republic on the subject. Receiving a parade of the greatest contemporary architects Friday at the Elysée palace, in the framework of the awarding of the Pritzker prize to the Japanese Arata Isozaki, Emmanuel Macron, has confirmed its intentions for the cathedral of Paris. “This period of five years is possible without ever compromising on the quality of the materials and the quality of the process”, he felt in response to the concerns of experts and conservationists on the issue. “Many were concerned to see this work in a tight schedule. I assume it totally. I assume totally this tight schedule, proactive”, he continued, stating, in passing, that “the yard will be expanded in the vicinity of the cathedral”.

“This is Notre-Dame de Paris, Our Lady of the Élysée palace”

above all, Emmanuel Macron has confirmed, for the first time in over a month, the intention of the executive to give Notre Dame a youthful look. “We need to do a rebuild inventive step”, he argued, citing the work of Viollet-Le-Duc, who had known, in the Nineteenth century, build an arrow, avoiding “any” quarrel of the ancients and moderns”. The head of State wants “an alliance of tradition and modernity, a daring and respectful”.

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confirming his intention to leave his imprint on the building, Emmanuel Macron has apparently forced the mayor of Paris has to be more explicit about its intentions. At City hall, some explain that “the joke has gone on long enough”. “We can admit – and possibly understand – that the executive will be packed the day after the fire. Intense was the emotion, the urgency, too, ” says a member of the majority municipal. But now that the decisions have to be made, it is necessary to put the points on the i. This is Notre-Dame de Paris, Our Lady of the Élysée palace.”