More than one French person out of two wants an identical reconstruction of the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris, while the president Emmanuel Macron mentioned the possibility of building a arrow more “contemporary”, according to a survey published Tuesday. According to a YouGov poll for the HuffPost and CNews, 54% of respondents want an identical reconstruction of the jewel of the gothic art in the part destroyed by a fire two weeks ago, 25% want an “architectural gesture”, in the words of the head of State and 21% of respondents do not know.

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After you have received a great deal of emotion and a wave of solidarity without precedent, the fate of Our Lady and its restoration, created controversy in France. First point of contention: the five-year deadline set by the president Macron. Experts do not agree on the possibility of the meet, taking account of the pre-stage of expertise and preparation. More than a thousand of them invited the president to avoid the “rush” in the restoration of the cathedral and not to get rid of the rules for the protection of the heritage, in a column published Sunday on the website of the Figaro.

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The international architectural competition for the reconstruction of the arrow is also controversial. The project selected will determine if the arrow of the architect Viollet-le-Duc will be rebuilt to the same or if it will be subject to an “architectural gesture,” modern. A draft law authorizing waivers of these standards in public procurement and protection of heritage must be examined by the national Assembly on Thursday in committee and then in plenary on 10 may, a-t we learned Tuesday from a source in parliament.

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It also offers tax benefits to the donor, a committee of control for “the good use of funds” and a public institution responsible for designing and carrying out the work. The YouGov poll was conducted online from 26 to 29 April on a representative sample of 1.010 French 18 years of age and older.

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