A wall provisional separates the caravan of tourists in the project of the century. In some places, the openings for the trucks to enable them to take a look inside. To the passerby, the holy cathedral in the shape of a giant spider appears unscathed. “Miracle” of a fire which, ultimately, did not compromise the essential, and has, moreover, moved the whole world ; a miracle of a campaign of private donations, the first of this importance. Miracle of the participation of the dramatic big donors, a novelty in France, where everything rests on the public purse. Miracle, finally, the soundness of the vault, which has surprised those who know best the building. Today, the cathedral is still in intensive care. Listening until his breathing. Of the

A cordiste be put in place to help manually align the hanger, once it is adjusted in the empty slot of the buttress. ©Patrick Zachmann / Magnum Phot

hundreds of sensors record the vibrations of infinitesimal of the structure. The mass of the building expands and retracts slightly, a few millimeters, depending on the …

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