The roofs of Notre-Dame in the style of the Futuroscope? One imagines the conservatives push of the loud screams. Denis Laming, the designer of the cubes futuristic theme park poitevin, but she is part of the supporters of an identical reconstruction of the roof, at least in appearance. “The roof cannot be restored because it has disappeared, it can only be reconstructed and the reconstruction exactly the same way doesn’t really make sense. This would mean that we would make a copy”, explains the architect. With a texture, carbon and titanium, soiling, aging, and the color of the original lead will be restored. “It’s important not to put a new lead.”

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If the outside is exactly identical to the roof of origin, Denis Laming, the author of many architectural projects in China, has devised a number of innovations. “Our Lady must be fully respected, but must also register in the future so that it continues to radiate. It is necessary that it remains a beacon.”

If the exterior of the cathedral is strictly identical to the roof of the original panels retractable leave a canopy. ©Denis Laming, architect of the Alliance of ancient and modern

“the role of The architect is not to have a style, but to understand the situation, understand the place”

Denis Laming, architect

The cutting edge of modernity to be found inside. By an effect of displacement, the roof will slowly open up to give way to a canopy. But here not to walk on the heights of the cathedral as other projects are that: “It will be a place for religious ceremonies or conferences on topics that have a meaning.” A place of reverence, of worship and of sharing that will not be open to the public. In total, four pieces will be spread out over the 13 meters wide and 80 meters long of the roof.

What is the arrow of Viollet Le Duc? “I’d do the same, I sécuriserais with a mixture of contemporary materials and strong and which does not burn like carbon, and titanium. To “reconcile those who have the nostalgia of the forest oak,” Denis Laming intends to reproduce the wood frame at the level of the arrow and the chorus by treating the material to impart flame retardancy. The rest of the frame will be metal.

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what to associate the know-how of the artisans of the historical monuments in the latest methods. “Those who want to rebuild exactly the same are in affect, and I also do not like the idea of proposing a project that eccentric for Our Lady, because that would be shifted. The role of the architect is not to have a style, but to understand the situation, understand the place, and to imagine that there is better.”

A budget between 100 and 200 million euros

The use of modern materials will also be according to the architect of the “limit of the madness of budgets”. “In the argument it is necessary to separate the spiritual side and emotional, from the technical side.” For the project of reconstruction of the roof and the arrow, Denis Laming, a budget between 100 and 200 million euros. Reduced costs and rapid implementation: “In terms of time, it will take two years without any haste”, he says.

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But the question for him to participate in the architectural competition announced to rebuild the arrow: “This is a very bad idea: if the reconstruction is identical, the competition is useless. And the legal deadlines rajouteraient one to two years to the procedure.”

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