A proverb and precept. The maxim in china is chinese, with no specific author: “One does not build his house by asking their opinion at all the passers-by.” The moral may be corrézienne, in any case chiraquienne: “A hedge after the other.” It is with some of the principles that the general is advancing into a minefield. To have long attended the power, he knows that his appointment has made grinding a lot of teeth and that his mission continues to feed dinner in town. Between Knowledge of the arts and trade coffee, to be indignant of the “architectural gesture”, suggested by the president for the arrow or, on the contrary, admire its firmness resolved when he said that 24 hours after the disaster: “This cathedral, we will rebuild in five years.”

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, general Jean-Louis Georgelin, June 19, at the Élysée Palace. Jean-Christophe Marmara/LE FIGARO

We left Jean-Louis Georgelin, a day of August, 2016 at the hotel de Salm, which currently houses the headquarters of the Legion of honour, in the applicant …

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