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For the great adventurers, the great narrative of the voyage of Magellan explorer results in the Philippines, at the dawn of the Sixteenth century. SuperStock/Superstock/Rue des Archives

Choose their book of the summer is not a decision to be taken lightly. In his suitcase, on the beach, under the pillow… He will be your companion for sunny days. It is better to choose the right partner. Here is the selection of journalists from Figaro .

For the great adventurers, the great story of the journey of the explorer Magellan brings us to the Philippines at the dawn of the Sixteenth century. Spend a moment in the head-to-head with the great Philipp Roth in Why write? or check out the latest Bob Woodward on Trump at the White House. Alain Mabanckou and his black Letters , Maël Renouard and his in Praise of Paris sign among the …

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