The office of the Assembly, its highest collegiate body, specified the “city clothes” already claimed in its “general instructions”.

The proposal submitted to the office simply suggested to “recommend” jacket and tie for men. But a vote took place in favor of “the compulsory jacket” in the hemicycle, indicates a parliamentary source.

“The wearing of shorts and Bermuda shorts is prohibited”, which was already de facto prohibited by the request for “city clothes”.

The subject of “dress in session” was put on the agenda at the request of Eric Ciotti (LR), quaestor of the institution.

Deploring “a form of laxity in dress and behavior of an increasingly large number of deputies, in particular from LFI”, he had pleaded in July for “an obligation to wear a tie for men” with the president of the Assembly Yaël Braun-Pivet (Renaissance).

The Insoumis Louis Boyard, 22, had parodied the quaestor’s letter, pointing to “a form of clothing and behavioral arrogance of an increasingly large number of deputies, in particular at LREM, LR and RN”.

And he had called for “the ban on costumes at indecent prices”.

The wearing of the tie has seriously declined in the world of work and the Assembly, a place steeped in rites and conventions, is gradually coming into unison.

Already in 2017, with the landing of the first rebellious deputies, a clothing revolution had begun: the office of the Assembly had to officially enact the right for deputies to sit without a jacket or tie.

The office has just come back to wearing a jacket, which is now mandatory in meetings for men.

“The office of the Assembly has just voted to wear a compulsory jacket for deputies. Incredible sense of priorities. Fortunately, we do not have 10 million poor people in our country”, quipped LFI deputy Damien Maudet on Twitter.