The family of Michael Jackson is outraged. On Friday, they discovered at the festival Sundance, Leaving Neverland , the documentary by Dan Reed, recounting the accusations of sexual assault of Wade Robson and James Safechuck against the “King of pop”. For several years, the two men assert that the interpreter of Smooth Criminal would have abused them when they were respectively seven and ten years. The relatives of the singer denounced a “lynching”.

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Taj Jackson, the nephew of the artist who died in 2009, wants to end “once and for all” with the allegations of paedophilia that affect his uncle. The son of Tito Jackson, will be launching a documentary series on Michael Jackson, in which he promises to “reveal the truth”. In a tweet published last week, the 45 year-old male calls his “followers” to participate in a fundraiser on the site GoFundMe.

“once again, we must defend the name and legacy of Michael Jackson lies, heinous”, he says in the description accompanying the prize pool. “In order to resolve this injustice – and create a work history that would serve as a resource to anyone seeking to discover the truth about the innocence indisputable of Michael Jackson – I have for project to create a documentary series exploring this myth once and for all.” On the objective of 777.000 dollars set by Taj Jackson, nearly 35,000 had been raised in seven days.

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In June, the music world will celebrate the tenth anniversary of the death of the performer of Billie Jean . Who died of a drug overdose in 2009, the singer was told in a documentary to love sleep, “in all innocence” according to him, with little boys. In 1993, a 13-year-old had lodged a complaint against him in 1993 for molesting. The matter was resolved informally, compared to $ 15 million. Four years before his death, Michael Jackson has again been targeted by a lawsuit for abuse on another minor. The matter was resolved informally, compared to $ 15 million.