Over the summer, a half dozen citizens of St. Petersburg were victims of Hogweed

For the first half of the summer research Institute of emergency care. Janelidze received 15 citizens affected by Hogweed. According to “Dr. Peter”, this year without plastics, but sometimes even the victims required skin grafts.

Juice of Hogweed, getting on the skin, under the influence of photochemical Solnca causes severe burns.

In the Institute told the newspaper, which is especially strong damages were received by two persons. One victim was riding a Bicycle on the field Hogweed, touched the plants, and then sunbathed on the beach — in the end 15 percent defeat. The second chopping of the Hogweed on the land. Despite NATO that he was in protective clothing, the plant juice gets on the skin — probably when removing protection.

Doctors say that it is best not to contact with the plant. But if such a need arises, you need special equipment. After this we need to take a shower before you go out.

the hospital Staff said that for the season they receive an average of about 20 victims Hogweed. Treatment usually lasts 2-3 weeks.

Earlier, experts told us that to get rid of adult plants in the suburban area itself is almost impossible. It is best to destroy the Hogweed, when he had just sprouted a Bush it is necessary to dig up and burn.

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