Over Vilnius in honor of the

In Lithuania today celebrate the Day of state.

At a ceremony in Vilnius was attended by fighters of the mission of the air police of NATO, of the guard of honor in a medieval outfit. And the “karaulsky” made a program called music lyrics On Fire band the Roop in the military orchestra of the Lithuanian army.

it is believed that this day the Prince Mindaugas (Mindaugas) in 1253 was crowned as king of Lithuania. This title granted him the Pope, which Mindaugas had to be baptized in the Latin rite. Most historians agree that the coronation took place in Novhorodka (at present Novogrudok, the town in Belarus).

In Lithuania now believe that thus was formed the “Pro-Western orientation of Lithuania.” This is a very controversial statement, since many historians claim that Mindaugas a few years later, “he raskrutila” and re-embraced Christianity only shortly before the death in 1263. The mass baptism of the Lithuanians in the Catholic faith began to happen only after 1385 when Grand Prince Jogaila (Jagiello) was elected king of Poland. To this he, like his father, Olgierd, was Orthodox, and the founder of the dynasty Gedemin — and at pagan. The territory of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania consisted mainly of land, now part of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia, and even the official language was on the “Ruthenian”, which is also called “old Belarusian”.

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