Pamfilova said that the first survey of the CEC was deleted by mistake

The head of the Central election Commission Ella Pamfilova said that a previous Twitter post was deleted by an employee by accident. The day before, we will remind, on Twitter, the CEC published a survey on multi-day voting. Later it was removed. By the time I voted a little over a thousand people. The majority of participants (94%) of the voting answered “no” to the question: “do you feel comfortable practice of balloting for several days?”. In an interview with the publication “Podem” Pamfilova explained that the error occurred. “Just a poor little girl, inexperienced, who was sitting by the administrator when Twitter went profanity, was frightened and wanted to remove them, but I have removed everything. I didn’t know about it, we didn’t know they put up these polls, I didn’t know that was removed. So I said, stupidity was posting, but even more foolish was to remove. I gave the command: let him hang. We are not scared, we know the value of these so-called polls. Let hang for universal happiness,” — said Pamfilova. Earlier, the radio station “Moscow speaking” wrote that Pamfilova has called the poll “nonsense” and instructed him to remove from all social networks. In an interview with “Lifting” the CEC head said that she did not give interviews, her words just took away from the conversation and accurately conveyed — “distorted”. Today, the poll re-appeared on Twitter of the CEC.

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