Pandemic coronavirus has affected the number of divorces and weddings in St. Petersburg

In the Northern capital over the past six months decreased the number of marriage registrations and divorces compared to the same period in 2019. About it on air of TV channel “Saint Petersburg”, said the acting Chairman of the Committee for civil registry of the Alexander Zabaykin.

According to him, now in the city every day make about 200 family units.

“For six months in 2020 was about 14 thousand marriages, and for the same period of six months of 2019, almost 20 thousand. The decline we are seeing, but over a period of three months, when the couple transferred the solemn registration of marriages at a later date. Some 2 thousand pairs moved application for registration of marriage, and almost 1700 pairs simply did not show up for registration,” said Zabaykin

he Also it sounds the statistics of divorce cases during the first six months in St. Petersburg divorced 8 528 thousand couples, whereas a year earlier over the same period, applications for dissolution of marriage filed 13 61 thousand pair.

“the Decrease was significant, we can say, but this is due to the fact that during holidays or restrictive court decisions could not be obtained, people do not come to the registry office”, — explained the official.

the Solemn registration of marriage in St. Petersburg resumed from 29 June. The newlyweds are allowed to invite up to 10 guests. At the ceremony are allowed to be without masks and gloves.

Meanwhile, July 8, Russians celebrate the Day of family, love and fidelity. The priest explained to the readers of “Rosbalt” why this feast should not play the wedding.

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