Pandemic spoiled the plans of graduates of St. Petersburg universities for employment

Pandemic coronavirus led to the crisis on the labour market, were among the affected University graduates. The correspondent of “Rosbalt” talked with some of them.

So, winner of the diploma of St. Petersburg state University on the specialty “geography” Anna Eliseeva before graduation in July began to actively seek work. The girl tried to get at St. Petersburg hypermarket and at the same time the training took place in the student teams at the largest enterprise of Railways.

In the trading network of the future graduate was denied after the first interview, citing a lack of competence in working with macros, although the position involves the mentoring and training. Transport company on the background of the coronavirus and turned the program, although Eliseeva successfully reached its finale and has already bought the uniform, the money for which, however, returned. Didn’t graduate and school teacher.

the Translator Julia Anisimova (name changed) before the pandemic successfully worked as a tour guide and part-time translator. The girl managed to cover all their expenses for life in not a native of Petersburg, however, the coronavirus has affected the labour market. Foreign tourists in the city anymore due to closed borders, and orders for the translator of TV shows and movies in the spring, summer fell sharply. Now a graduate looking for jobs on the Internet and responds to all necessary knowledge of the English language, but to no avail.

the stories of these and other graduates of the St. Petersburg 2019 and 2020, their position in the labour market in the era of pandemic read soon in the “Rosbalt”.