Parents of students of St. Petersburg opposed the holding of

the network has a petition addressed to the Governor of Petersburg Alexander Beglov, demanding to abandon the festival of graduates “Scarlet Sails”, 27, Jun online. St. Petersburg parents of graduates claim that it is impossible to conduct in this format, one of the most striking events in the lives of children.

“the Government of St. Petersburg made the decision on carrying out of the “Scarlet sails” on June 27. Prior to the examinations and online! This is the most significant event for the graduates of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region! Conducting it online like the simple desire to master the budget, and not taking care of the celebration for the graduates!” emotionally written by the authors of the petition.

Parents claim that with the same success it is possible to see the recording of last year’s holidays. They are asked to move the “Scarlet sails” at the end of July, when the delivery of all items on the exam.

“don’t take a holiday for children!” — called parents.

Previously, Improvement of the Russian Federation said that holiday of graduates “Scarlet sails” will be the final part of the Federal “Prom” online and on June 27th online. The decision was explained by the unstable epidemiological situation.

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