The New York Times , it is the editor-in-chief of the service mode, and not a journalist who specialises in ancient art, who sign the scoop. In the edition of January 21, she reveals the discovery of a painting of the Seventeenth century. This large-format (6 × 3 m) was behind a partition, on the second floor of a row of workpieces located at 4 rue de Marignan, near the Champs-Élysées.

From the origin, it was a half-floor. There was a false ceiling, fluorescent lighting, partitions, chipboard and carpet, industrial

This is the opportunity to work for the development of a next fashion shop Oscar de la Renta that the find has been made. While the rubble fell, the architect Nathalie Ryan went from surprise to surprise. His workers were first brought to light a coffered ceiling armoriés of the Nineteenth century. Then other colors and forms are appeared.

Nathalie Ryan stops the construction site when it identifies an equestrian scene. A gentleman arriving with his suite in front of an eastern city. What is this table all the more surprising that it arises in an open street in 1858, and a building built in 1910, …

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