The ex-star dancer, who had been challenged internally by dancers at the start of her tenure, will embark on projects “of a book, a documentary film and a musical, and to her family “, says a press release.

His surprise resignation was accepted by Alexander Neef, general manager of the Paris Opera.

Aurélie Dupont, 49, had succeeded Benjamin Millepied, renowned choreographer and husband of Natalie Portman, who had slammed the door after only a year in office.

During her term, “she enjoyed freedom of action allowing her to deploy her programming talents which attracted large audiences, with the fill rate of ballet performances reaching 98% for the 21/22 season”, indicates the press release from the Opera.

“Aurélie Dupont proposed 18 creations for the company, 23 repertoire entries, the nomination of 7 dancers and star dancers”, adds the text.

In the spring of 2018, two years after the start of his mandate, a document had the effect of a bomb at the Paris Opera: an internal survey exposed the frustrations of the dancers of one of the most prestigious global companies, attacking its director in an unprecedented way.

Some denounced a lack of support, others a lack of dialogue. Subsequently, Aurélie Dupont announced that she would set up regular meetings with the dancers.