Partial eclipse, where to see?

The sun has a rendezvous with the moon this Tuesday, July 16. In Paris, the eclipse will be visible from 21h43 and ends at 2: 17, the next day. The Moon being quite low on the horizon, it would be better to put in height and look in the opposite direction at sunset. The AFA (the French Association of Astronomy) invites the Parisians for an evening under the stars in the park of Belleville. The Moon, the Sun and the Earth are almost aligned on the same axis and the weather promises to be clear. In part, the show should be nice, letting you see a moon dressed in red. The phenomenon will be observable to the naked eye and does not require any protection.

Eclipse of the Moon. Belvedere in the Park of Belleville. 47, rue des Couronnes (Xx). On July 16, 2019, from 21h. Free. 13 nights in 13 places organized by the AFA. Note: twelve other evenings stellate in place in paris to discover on the site.

Evening of cosmic –

A giant moon 16-meter diameter installed under the dome of the nave, he did no less to the Grand Palace to celebrate, 50 years to the day, the first man on the Moon. The evening Mooon will honor this historic event that has marked the humanity, in the form of video projections, musical program or even conversations with pros, such as Thomas Pesquet or Claudie Haigneré, the first part of the evening. Then will come the “dancefloor Interstellar”, on electro beats. Side gastronomy, there is nothing like a michelin-starred chef (William Sanchez) to adhere perfectly to the theme of the evening!

Mooon, THE cosmic Night. Nave of the Grand Palais. Winston Churchill Avenue (Eighth). July 20, 2019, from 19h to 2h. Price: 39€, reduced rate: 18€.

destination moon

The museum of Air and Space paris, le Bourget offers to relive the historical moments of the time of an exceptional evening and free for the whole family. Immerse yourself on the Moon, it is walking on its soil, hear the sounds, to discover the peculiar smells, on the steps of Armstrong and Aldrin. Guided tours provide insight into the mission of Apollo 11. A documentary “The hidden face of the Moon” (19h) is followed by a discussion with the director. The planetarium is open for sessions every 30 min. Highlight of the evening: a surprise, at 21h56, time of the first: the museum unveils an installation for the event on the tarmac.

50 years of the Apollo 11 mission. Museum of Air and Space paris, le Bourget. Paris airport-Le Bourget. Le Bourget (93). July 20, 2019, from 18h to midnight. Free entry.

The epic as if you were there

preparations for the lunar landing through to take-off, check out hundreds of photos of the era depicting the epic space Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. Gad Edery, a reference on the market of photos in space, describes in his gallery a part of his immense collection.

The gallery MR80, meanwhile, focuses on the impact on Earth of this impossible journey, through an exhibition of fashion photos or item To discover this relation almost mystical than man has with the star white.

Exhibition Apollo 11 – To the Moon and Beyond. Gallery GADCOLLECTION. 4, rue du Pont Louis-Philippe (IVe). Until 31 July 2019. Everyday sf lun., 14h (14: 30 the w.-e.) 19h. Free admission.

Exhibition “the Man on the Moon: 50 years”. Gallery MR80. 80, rue de Turenne (Iii). From 21 July to 15 September 2019. All days from 11h to 19h. Entry: 4€.

under The stars

Until 21 July, the Ground Control celebrates him as the first man on the Moon. Philippe Henarejos, editor-in-chief of the journal Sky and Space will be including this for a conference that tells the story of how the men of NASA are prepared to deal with an environment as hostile and unfamiliar as the moon’s surface. Without forgetting the aperitif moonwalk that will follow, for a drink, dance and listen to music under the stars. A marathon of fun and festive over several days which should allow you to become better informed on the epic space the most incredible in the history of humanity.

Ground Control celebrates 50 years of the Man on the Moon. 81, rue du Charolais (Xii). Until 21 July 2019. Free admission.