Parrot has surpassed people in the test of ability to remember (video)

Scientists in the US found that the memory of the parrot surpasses the human. They offered the bird to play a shell game with 21 child 6-8 years 21 and a student at Harvard University, one of the best in the country.

Jacko Griffin defeated the juniors in the nines, and with students, at least in the initial and intermediate stages were equal or even slightly better, notes Popular mechanics.

the Experimenters hid the colored balls underneath the cups. The task of the subjects was to memorise and to show where the specific bulb. The number of “thimbles” ranged from two to four, the complexity of the game gradually increased.

As explained by researcher Irene Pepperberg, to cope successfully with the cognitive task the parrots helped that “their brains are the size of a walnut so tightly Packed neurons, the density comparable to the density of the brain of primates, except man.”

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