Participant of the parade in Kaliningrad has lost her Shoe, but didn't hit Stroy (video)

After the parade for the 75th anniversary of the Victory in WWII in Kaliningrad has its own “Cinderella”.

a nickname given to servicemen of the Baltic fleet, who lost a Shoe during the March, and appeared on the television camera.

the Third girl in the left lane continued to March, despite the unfortunate incident, and do not break ranks.

the incident drew the attention of the commander of Ballota Alexander Nosatov, who promised to encourage participants in the parade.

“I want to acknowledge the girl who lost the Shoe. Me, please, imagine it, and I will encourage it separately, because, having lost the shoes, she knocked again, and no one even noticed,” said the Admiral.

Recall the Victory parades were held in 28 cities of Russia. Kaliningrad held a parade one of the latter, as the most Western city of the country.

the date of the solemn event was postponed due to the spread of the coronavirus. Russian President Vladimir Putin explained the choice on June 24 that day in 1945 held a “legendary, historical parade of winners”.

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