The minister of Culture has announced in the Sunday Newspaper that “the first wave of experimentation” the “Pass culture” will begin February 1st. The measure relates to “the five departments initially defined”, that is, the Bas-Rhin, Hérault, Finistère, Guyana and the Seine-Saint-Denis, recalled Franck Riester, adding that “more than 10,000 young volunteers have been identified”. “Before the summer, a second wave will to other territories and communities to enter into the device. This second wave is expected to affect the 50,000 young people who will be using this first version”, he continued.

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“We must ensure that they do not use the “Pass” only to subscribe to online offers that they know already – ”

Franck Riester, minister of Culture

Promise of the candidate Emmanuel Macron, the “Pass culture” is a “passport” of 500 euros which should allow young people of 18 years old (or an audience of 800.000 people) to have access to activities and cultural offerings. When asked about the budget of these two test phases in 2019, Riester has been estimated at “thirty million”, a sum “suitable for experiment”, knowing that his ministry will “also appeal to the patronage of public and private” through this operation that does not convince everyone. Beyond funding difficulties, some fear, it is the case of Jack Lang, the former Culture minister and now patron of the arab world Institute (IMA), that this device promotes above all the consumerism, as was the case in Italy. A Bonus cultura, of which the results are very questionable, they were mostly used to buy academic books, but who veint to be retained one more year, for all people born in 2000, nearly 500,000 young people.

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If, in France, several other waves of experimentation are to be expected, the minister has kept to fix a date with regard to the generalization of the “Pass culture” to all young people 18 years of age. “We will evaluate the device toward the fall of 2019, and as soon as we are ready, we généraliserons”, he explained about this device, the amount of which is estimated at 400 million euros a year.

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800,000 young people affected by this “Pass culture” will have access to a “range of offers wide: shows, cultural products, music lessons, or dance, digital music, audiovisual and cinema,” recalled the minister, who, in addition, promote access to the press for general information. “We must ensure that they do not use the “Pass” only to subscribe to online offers that they know already… We are also going to éditorialiser the content, for example by making the films”, he concluded.