Passenger: Have mounted in Rostov-na-Donu on the Airbus it sound like you didn't gosh.

During an emergency landing of a passenger plane Airbus-320 at the airport of Rostov-on-don “Platov” no one was hurt. As the correspondent “of Rosbalt”, the passenger of the flight, the lawyer Dmitry Dinze, aboard people reacted calmly to the situation.

“All the passengers sat in silence and waited for something. Only one passenger, who was sitting near me asked the flight attendant, and she said that there was a failure of the chassis”, — said Dinze.

According to the lawyer, the plane circled for about 40 minutes. “The sound really was like a graduation mechanism chassis worked-worked, but nothing happened. But then came a sound as if the system worked and the chassis released. Landed, you might say, in the normal mode, no excesses were not. Medical care no one needed, although we met 3-4 of the carriage “ambulance”, fire trucks and emergency vehicles to the airport,” said Dmitry Dinze.

Recall that in airport of Rostov-on-don has made emergency landing the airplane of S7 airlines flying from Moscow. According to preliminary data, the incident occurred due to failure of the left engine, reports the southern transport Prosecutor’s office. Organised check of execution of requirements of the legislation on safety of flights.

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