Passenger traffic in St. Petersburg grew by 140% compared to April

Petersburg has reached more than 50% of the standard of passenger traffic, when compared with the June 2019. About it on air of TV channel “Saint Petersburg” said the acting Director of SPb GU “transport Organizer” Vladimir Shvedchenko. According to him, this level is maintained for a second consecutive week.

“About 52-54% of passengers daily has come out and use public transport. In comparison to the month of April, when it was the most severe restrictions, we grew by about 138 to 140%, so. When this vehicle is currently located on lines, on routes virtually 88-90% of the standard issue,” said Shvedchenko.

He added that increased demand and to the commercial routes. While passenger traffic accounts for 26% of normal.

Meanwhile, in St. Petersburg from June 22 allowed to work, car sharing and sanatorium-resort organizations. As stated by Vice-Governor Yevgeny Yelin, a week later, open the Palace and some other parks, summer cafes.

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