Patients from St. Petersburg, complained about the impact of the redevelopment of the hospital under COVID-19

the St. Petersburg Ombudsman has reported on the protection of human rights in the context of a pandemic from 18 to 24 may. A separate item mentioned disorders in patients that need renal replacement therapy (RRT).

the Commissioner received a collective appeal of citizens who are treated at city hospital No. 15. The institution has reorganized for the patients with coronavirus. As a result of constant patients sent to other centres.

“According to the Ombudsman, modify the routing hemodialysis patients leads to an increased load on other hospitals specializing in SMT that can negatively be reflected on the attached patients, and directed from the closed offices redeveloped hospitals,” according to the report.

At the same time in St. Petersburg is still not decided how free to transport of citizens with chronic renal failure from place of residence to the designated receiving PTA and back. The Ombudsman in 2018 were offered to use a special social taxi, but additions were not made to the local legislation. According to the Commissioner, a change in routing hemodialysis patients will lead to a deterioration of their condition.

“on 22 may in order to ensure the rights of people suffering from chronic renal failure and in need of specialist medical care method, the PTA, the Commissioner submitted to the Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Oleg Ergashev proposals to reconsider the closure of the dialysis Department, as well as to provide service of a social taxi service to all residents receiving RRT”, — noted in the office of the Ombudsman.

we will Add, during hemodialysis is the removal of toxic products of metabolism, normalization of disturbances of water and electrolyte balance. The procedure is credited for patients with acute and chronic renal failure. In some cases, patients are prescribed a disability.

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