Patients Siberian hospital showed

Patients of the Central city hospital, Berdsk complained about the leaking roof and cockroaches.

As seen in the records that they sent to the editor of “the Courier. Environment. Berdsk”, in the wards of the surgical Department the ceiling dripping rain and floods the chamber and bed patients. Patients also filmed cockroaches in the ward of cardiology in Pushkin street. There is also the problem with the isolation from the rain — water dripping on windowsills.

the leaky roof in the division of cardiology patients complained about last year, then chief doctor of the Central city of Berdsk Alla Drobinskoj promised that the roof was soon repaired.

she said that in winter was reviewed and prepared project documentation for capital repairs of roofs of the building on Pushkin street. In the surgical case on the street Borovoy received the conclusion of state non-departmental examination for the repair of the roof.

as for cockroaches, the last disinfection was carried out on June 26, but Moreover promised that now there will carry out additional work on getting rid of insects.