Patrushev spoke about

The Secretary of the Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev wrote an article in which he criticized the “collective West” for his desire “to introduce neo-liberal dogma” in the minds of Russian citizens, and also spoke about the fact that Russia has an alternative proposal “the new civilizational choice”. In an article published in “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, Patrushev said that “against the background of degradation of the system of international relations and international security,” “collective West” intends to introduce in consciousness of Russians “neoliberal dogma”, thus “attacking not only traditional Russian spiritual and moral values, but also true, indeed, common to mankind values, undermining the foundations of States”. “In this widely used ideological formulations of the “clash of civilizations”” — the Secretary of security Council of the Russian Federation. Patrushev also accused Western countries in the substitution of international standards “law of the strong, with fire and sword propagated “freedom and democracy”” where they “can not exist in this Western sense, by definition,” due to historical, religious, ethnological and other reasons. According to him, Russia, unlike the West, offers “the new civilizational choice”, the contents of which “includes equality, justice, non-interference in internal Affairs, the lack of mentor tone and any pre-conditions for mutually beneficial cooperation.” The article States that the Russian Federation proposes the construction of national sovereignty, “including cultural and spiritual-moral”, in the status of “greatest value and a basis for the subsequent construction of human civilization.” Patrushev is convinced that the number of followers of such a choice in the world will grow. Earlier, Patrushev accused the West of trying fouo;split Russian society” before the vote on the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. A nationwide vote on amendments to the Basic document of the country will be held from 25 June to 1 July.

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