At 77 years of age the legendary singer of the Beatles never fails to surprise its fans. After a meeting with Ringo Star) – the former drummer of the band – during a concert last week, Paul McCartney revealed that he was secretly working for several months on an adaptation into a musical comedy from the cult film life is beautiful (1946) Frank Capra.

According to Variety, the singer would have allowed him to convince her three years ago by producer Bill Kenwright who has obtained the rights to the film. If the Beatle had initially refused, not being packed by the proposal, a discussion with Lee Hall, playwright and screenwriter of Billy Elliott and Rocketman , was enough to change his mind. “I never dreamed of writing a musical comedy, explained the singer in a press release. But when Bill Kenwright and I met with Lee Hall, and as we have discussed with him, I told myself that it could be interesting and fun. life is beautiful is a universal story in which everyone can recognize himself.”

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“Working with Paul was one of my dreams”

The singer has already composed a dozen pieces that have enthused the producer. “Working with Paul was one of my dreams. I discovered his unique gift of melody and composition. I have to say to any music lover at which point it is extraordinary. He interrupts me constantly breathless, he said. The playwright Lee Hall doesn’t shy away no more praise about the genius of the lyricist of’ Hey Jude : “the intelligence, honesty, emotional and melodic genius of McCartney would deliver a depth and breadth unique to the story”.

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This new musical comedy will resume the original story of George Bailey, a man on the point of suicide but who will end up, thanks to the intervention of an angel, to realize the value of life. life is beautiful should be presented at the end of 2020 on the occasion of a tour in England before joining the boards of Broadway.