Pavlensky was faced with

Artist-actionist Peter Pavlensky held in France on the high-profile case of the publication of intimate video with the candidate in mayors of Paris Benjamin, Hryvnia, is again under threat of arrest. This as France Info reports, resulted in the refusal of the Russians to go through another examination of his mental state.

the Artist said that to force him to psychiatric examination “disgusting”.

“Too many in the history of the examples of how with the help of psychiatry is cleaned of all non-state ideology”, — he said in the letter to the investigator, obviously, referring to the struggle of the authorities of the Soviet Union with dissidents.

Earlier judicial authority considering the case Pavlensky, did not arrest him in exchange for the submission of the following requirements: treatment by a psychiatrist and the examination six times per year.

As reported, emigrated to France Pavlensky stole his girl Alexandra de Taddeo and released a sex tape that she sent the Hryvnia. The policy had to withdraw from the elections, and the police detained not only the artist, but also his friend. Both were accused of invasion of privacy Hryvnia and dissemination of an intimate video without his consent. Pavlensky faces a separate criminal liability for new year’s knife fight.

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